Hosting a workshop for local cancer charity: CSF H-V

Throughout the year, a committed group of ‘active listeners’ in our department (Haute-Vienne) provide English-language support – by telephone – to those living with or affected by cancer. The association, Cancer Support France (CSF H-V), is staffed by volunteers and part of a national network in France.

I was recently approached to host a day-long Colour Me Beautiful workshop for 12 volunteers and active members. The purpose was for participants to have a bit of fun as well as gain key insights into wearing good colours – not to mention understand the emotional benefits for patients undergoing cancer treatment. The day was run by Colour Me Beautiful Image Consultant Anne Slater who is based near Bergerac – I served lunch and refreshments!

This is a fantastically well-run association supporting many English speakers affected by cancer in the Haute-Vienne, Correze, Creuse and Indre. For more information on CSF support, membership and local events visit: SCH

IMG_9544 IMG_9613 IMG_9609 IMG_9611

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