A rubbish find

I couldn’t believe my luck today when we went to dispose of 20 bags of garden waste having spent the morning cutting down trees and pruning shrubs. Our local waste disposal and recycling site keeps back a few ‘unwanted’ items  for other people to buy. There are areas for internal and external doors, white goods, furniture and garden goods.

As we entered the site I saw a small ‘pie crust’ table and asked the site worker how much he wanted for it; he said £5. I offered him £2 and he said ok!! I think it’s probably hit and miss what you can find but if you have to make a trip there regularly its worth keeping an eye out. SCH


Small wooden table

Property update: this is the one!

The house is perfect! A quick four-day trip over to France was all that was needed to confirm that it was the property destined to become The Little Grange. It has all the proportions of a grand house with the feeling of a warm and cosy home. It has four large bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms, wide hallways on the ground and first floor, a spacious kitchen, three big reception rooms and bags of character. There is also a whole other floor for renovation and a barn for when I run out of things to do and need more projects!

We had a viewing on Monday and plan put in an offer this week. Exciting times indeed as we really start to create The Little Grange! SCH


Iron detail above the front door

Could this be the perfect property?

Last summer, while staying with friends in France, two of us drove out to a little village to see a house that was for sale. We didn’t have an appointment so peaked through the front gates and managed to sneak around the back which was accessible by a side road. It was an intriguing property; a manor house on the edge of the village with uninterrupted views across fields to the front. Unfortunately I was not in a position to buy it as I hadn’t even begun to think about leaving the Middle East so we left the village and I didn’t give the house any more thought.

Fast forward a year and having spotted the property online, and realising it has a barn and accommodation all with en-suite bathrooms, I have booked flights to view the house next week! I am throwing caution to the wind and just going for it… I have a really good feeling that this might actually be the property we transform into The Little Grange! SCH

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