New beginnings

The Little Grange is born!

The concept is firmly planted in my head… now to articulate it and make it a reality. I remember my cousin saying to me two years ago: “please be the one that actually does it!” . How exciting: to begin the process of setting up and running a B&B of sorts; something I have been dreaming of doing since I was about eight year’s old.


Time to get outdoors

The concept, then, is a boutique retreat set in a rural location with rambling farm buildings where people can spend time indulging their passions or learning new skills: from baking to sewing to DIY to kitchen gardening. All those essential skills our parents and grandparents knew so well… ones which are at risk of disappearing as technology takes over and reduces our leisure time. I want the space to be beautiful and inspiring; somewhere you can totally switch off. Food needs to be grown either on-site or grown locally. Guest bedrooms need to be fresh and comfortable with an element of surprise.

Until very recently I was working in Dubai running a PR training academy. I plan to use the course management skills I gained there to set up a schedule of exciting courses based around modern crafts and artistry as well as practical, everyday skills courses.

At the moment I’m busy sorting finance, spending hours trawling websites for the perfect property as well as sourcing items that are going to add to the overall atmosphere of the The Little Grange. Until Launch Day I will be documenting my thoughts and inspiration via this blog, as well as seeking ideas and advice. As the project materialises, I will be sharing practical experiences too (the good, the bad and the better)!

If, as you read this blog, you have creative inspiration or practical advice to share – please do!  If you think an idea is crazy, I would like to know. Similarly, if you love, love, love what I have planned, do comment… that will give me the courage to keep going! SCH

One thought on “New beginnings

  1. Just found your blog!
    Been reading (backwards!)
    So excited for you & can’t wait to visit xxx

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