Could this be the perfect property?

Last summer, while staying with friends in France, two of us drove out to a little village to see a house that was for sale. We didn’t have an appointment so peaked through the front gates and managed to sneak around the back which was accessible by a side road. It was an intriguing property; a manor house on the edge of the village with uninterrupted views across fields to the front. Unfortunately I was not in a position to buy it as I hadn’t even begun to think about leaving the Middle East so we left the village and I didn’t give the house any more thought.

Fast forward a year and having spotted the property online, and realising it has a barn and accommodation all with en-suite bathrooms, I have booked flights to view the house next week! I am throwing caution to the wind and just going for it… I have a really good feeling that this might actually be the property we transform into The Little Grange! SCH

IMG_0526   IMG_0542  IMG_0540  IMG_0537

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