Renovations part one: downstairs guest bathroom

First on the renovation list for autumn 2014 is a downstairs guest bathroom. The current layout of the house means the only option for visiting guests wishing to use the toilet and wash their hands is to use one of the ensuite bathrooms (which means heading upstairs into a bedroom).

However, downstairs there is already a small utility room with a washing machine and toilet (no sink) which is ripe for conversion:

photo 4photo 1-2photo 2-2photo 5photo 2photo 3-2photo 3photo 4-2

The plan is to move the plumbing for the washing machine into the cupboard under the stairs, close off the current door opening so that the washing machine is accessed from the other side (just before the entrance to the room), build a unit under the window to house a toilet and sink (or maybe two sinks – I haven’t quite decided yet!), retile the floor, put in a tiled splash back, move the door to its original location opening up the area under the stairs.

Here is my rough sketch of how it will look when finished:

photo 4-1

The only thing I haven’t quite decided on is the overall scheme/colour… it’s probably time to consult Houzz and Pinterest. SCH

4 thoughts on “Renovations part one: downstairs guest bathroom

  1. Sounds like a great plan! Can’t wait to see it finished, I know it will be stunning. There is still a trap door in place under the floor that takes you directly down into the wine cellar … we thought it was probably used during war time. Can’t remember if it was under the stairs, you can trace it from the top of the wooden steps in the cellar below. Just another quirky feature!

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