More great auction finds

In last month’s post I said I would be looking for gilded frames for The Little Grange so today it was back to our local auction to size up the bargains!

I found just what I was looking for in the shape of a set of four mirrors for £31. One was modern and not of interest but the other three were ornately carved and gilded. I’ve since cleaned up and polished the mirrors and have been thinking about how they are going to fit into the overall scheme at The Little Grange.

IMG_1181  IMG_1182  IMG_1192  IMG_0848

Other recent finds have included a rattan/rope-effect stool with bun feet – also from the same auction house – and a terracotta plant pot from our local household waste recycling site. The stool cost £45 and will go in the barn/workshop as a coffee table; the plant pot was £1 and is already planted up with summer bulbs. SCH

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