A frugalitarian at heart

I’m just back from today’s auction and I’m so happy with this week’s finds. For once we’re not talking huge pieces of furniture, rather a couple of choice items to furnish The Little Grange.

The first is a small iron stag’s head with two hooks for hanging coats. Very country living! The second is a painted iron plant trough and stand which I plan to put by the wall of the barn near the side gates. Accounting for commission fees, the stag’s head cost £20; the trough and stand £17.

Also, yesterday, we took our garden waste to the local waste disposal and recycling site and I picked up another item that had been left for rubbish; a low, stone bird bath for £2. I think I’m becoming a master frugalitarian! SCH

IMG_1850  IMG_1849  IMG_1852

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