Fresh eggs for breakfast

After a couple of weeks away from the auction it was great to get back there today.

Despite a cold chill in the air there were still a few items in the outside section. Gone are the summer parasols and tables and chairs… household bricks, lawn mowers, wheelbarrows and chicken wire are more the seasonal order of the day.

Now speaking of chicken wire, I had my eye on a group of five galvanised chicken feeders and, despite a lot of interest, I managed to get them! A helpful friend explained how the large hanging feeder worked and declared it a simple yet effective feat of engineering to keep away the rats; he also fixed the water dispenser together and talked about the 120 odd chickens and pigs he used to keep. A local farmer came over for a chat with his dog Alfie to find it was his lot we were discussing and that it had made £30. He then mentioned he had about 30 pig feeders scattered around his fields that were too heavy to lift… I suspect they will make their way to auction in time.

I bought the chicken feeders because I am keen to keep chickens at The Little Grange; a new enterprise has started up in St. Gervais which means chicks and feed are now readily available. I plan to provide guests with fresh eggs for breakfast. This time next year…!  SCH


Galvanised steel chicken feeders

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