This week’s auction highlights

Definitely a week that ticked all the boxes!

The normally crammed auction hall was quieter than normal which meant the demand for furniture and sundries wasn’t that high which in turn meant some items were making silly money! At the same time there was a catering auction in an adjacent barn which I thought might be interesting in terms of equipment for the kitchen at The Little Grange: it’s usual to find stainless steel work stations, fridges, freezers, cookers, professional knives, industrial mixers, bulk crockery, glass ware and serving dishes.

Auction successes included:

– A ballon-back chair for renovation (with webbing and hessian only). The perfect re-upholstery project once I’ve finished the little stool.

– A painted wall mirror.

– A selection of wine glasses and baking dishes as well as a range of board and word games including Cleudo, Jenga, Brainbenders, draughts, playing cards, etc.

– A Kilner enamel jam pan with handle.

I paid just over £14 each for the chair and box of sundries; £12 for the mirror and £18 for the jam pan. SCH

IMG_2532  IMG_2530  IMG_2542 IMG_2538

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