Mirrors galore

At this week’s auction I added to my gilded mirror collection by spotting a thin, metal-framed oval mirror which cost me £16 before commission. It is similar to others I have found on my bargain hunts and could make a lovely bedroom addition.

I now have eight mirrors if I include the two I bought some years ago and one my grandmother gave to me. Maybe I should dedicate the entrance hall wall to my collection? Make a feature of them? Do leave a comment if you have seen this successfully done anywhere. In the meantime I will take a look at my favourite app – ‘Houzz’ – which is full of interior photos, design ideas and advice.

What else did I buy at the auction this week? Oh yes, an incredibly practical fold-out  table that can be used inside or outside for parties or crafts. It has white legs and a sturdy top which will blend into a room once it has a table cloth on it. Otherwise it can be used in the craft room / workshop as a work station. When it is folded, it has a carry handle and will fit neatly away in the barn, cellar or attic. I paid £30 for the table – one of my pricier items!

The last thing I bought was a little side table for £8. Someone had painted it cream and stuck a piece of modern wallpaper under the glass top. It wasn’t initially to my taste but I figured it would make a useful, neutral piece of furniture simply painted cream. Take a look below and decide for yourself! SCH

IMG_2808  IMG_2804  IMG_2805

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