Cakes, cookies, pastries and tray bakes

Over the last month we’ve been preparing and testing recipes for lazy afternoon tea at Le Manoir.

Here are the fourteen that made the list (in no particular order):

1. Carrot cake
2. Lemon drizzle cake
3. Chocolate brownies
4. Flapjacks
5. Custard tarts (see below – yummy!)
6. Jam tarts
7. Victoria sponge
8. Fruit tarts
9. Coffee and walnut cake
10. Scones
11. Cookies
12. Shortbread
13. Chocolate cake
14. Lemon curd tarts

What’s your favourite? Is there anything else you would you like to see on this list? SCH

IMG_2511  IMG_2513  IMG_2520 IMG_2521

2 thoughts on “Cakes, cookies, pastries and tray bakes

  1. I would love to see some Banana cake on that list. Also, have a fab recipe for chocolate malteaser cake – yum! Xx

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