Latest auction buys and flea market finds

We’re nearing the end of our auction buying spree in the UK; next month we will be in France setting up the house (although no doubt on the look out for quirky furniture at one of the local brocantes). The other more practical reason is that the garage is close to capacity! Still, there have been a few great buys recently…

Take these cast iron tables (and chair) which have been on the hit list for months. We found one lonely table at our weekly auction (£3) and another table with one chair at the less frequent village auction (£25). So now I need to find a job lot of chairs without tables… (that’s half the fun).

Other finds include a box of tools for re-upholstery (see below), a glass table with unusual brass bamboo legs from a local charity that reconditions furniture for sale to the public, as well as a pair of old prints in wooden frames. Unfortunately, I missed out on a box of vintage sewing patterns and ‘how to sew’ books that would have looked great in the Craft Room at Le Manoir. Never mind – there’s always next week! SCH

IMG_4205  IMG_2325  IMG_4204

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