Social media ramp up

With less than three weeks to go until we move into the house, we’re in marketing overdrive. Le Manoir’s Facebook and Pinterest accounts are now live and I’m adding material to them every day.

Pinterest is an excellent source of inspiration… from practical interior design insights to practical ‘how to’ craft ideas. For example, if you need a reminder on how to under stitch a neckline, simply search that term and you will find helpful photos linking back to original blog posts containing step-by-step instructions. If you love a cushion or headboard featured on a Pinterest board, odds are you will be able to click through and find out where to buy it (or the fabric to make your own).

Below are snapshots of Le Manoir’s Pinterest account which has boards on sewing, interiors, crafty spaces, gardens, etc.:

IMG_4211  IMG_4214  IMG_4215  IMG_4217

Which social media platforms do you use to gather home ideas and inspiration? Are there bloggers you follow regularly? I know I couldn’t live without my daily fix of Pinterest and Houzz. SCH

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